I have been paying most of my bills with graphic design since 1991. In 2002, I left an 11-year, post as layout artist for Xtra Magazine in Toronto with the intent of striking out on my own as a freelance graphic designer. I particularly enjoy opportunities in cd cover design. As a musician and member of a vibrant, creative community here in Toronto, I have years of experience designing advertising, posters, album covers and various other promotional materials for bands and other creative groups. I enjoy having a part in the imagery of my community's history. And as of the unveiling of this website, I can offer web design, too!

Photography has been a creative focus of mine since highschool when I learned to use my Canon AE-1 while working for Glebe Collegiate's school paper, The Novae Res. My very first print appears on the cover at right. Incidently, it was at this time that I had my first experience with graphic art, having won the annual contest for nameplate design.

Mostly, photography has been a personal artistic endeavour. But I have worked as a freelancer for various publications and individuals and even shot a few weddings. Band shots remain, unsurprisingly, one of my favourite photo gigs.

During the early 1990s, I had an exciting period of erotic portraiture which involved me directly in the intense fight against censorship which was happening at that time. Photos of mine were published in an issue of Boston's Bad Attitude which was deemed obscene by Canadian officials when it was ceized from Glad Day Bookstore in Toronto. A trial ensued at which I had the thrill of acting as a witness, explaining why I didn't feel my photos were obscene. Unfortunately Glad Day lost and was forced to pay some heavy fines. But I was proud to have had a part in bringing attention to the important issue of freedom from censorship.

The early nineties also saw the birth of my publication Lickerish (adj. eager to taste or enjoy, having or suggesting lustful desires). This magazine was my statement against the criminalization of art and desire and printed stories, poetry, photography and art from contributors across Canada.

Novae Res
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One of my persecuted pix

Bad Attitude
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